Our Rottweiler Kennels are brand new and very clean. We have been AKC inspected and meet all AKC requirements and regulations. We live on over an acre of land on the outskirts of Jacksonville, N.C. in a small town called Verona. Our whelping building is a Graceland 16x20 insulated building with heat and air condition for our whelping mothers and babies comfort. There are two whelping areas inside which are 6x8 in size and runs outside the building with doggie doors for the mothers to go outside for some quiet time. Our kennel runs are located on an 18x85 ft. concrete slab with a metal canopy top to protect our Rottweiler's from sun, rain, and inclement weather. The metal roof canopy keeps the temperature 15-20 degrees cooler on hot summer days. We take great pride in our kennels to keep our Rottweiler's as healthy as possible. Our kennels are still under construction for improvement but you are welcome to come visit our dogs.